My Work Station

This is the spot where I create my artwork. In the kitchen. I wish I have an art studio to put all my art junk and not have to pack it up every time I'm finished because let's face it, an artist is never finished - but you work with what ya got and this spot ain't so bad. The large painting was done by me with recycled canvas.

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The Zen of Gift Wrapping

I love gift wraps but I feel like we are wasting so much money for people to open and throw them away in seconds what it may have taken us longer to put together. We tend to buy and keep in mind people's personality so the outside gift matches the inside. Some people may be aware of it and some don't care, but I'm done with buying. Don't get me wrong, once in a while I will spend if I absolutely love it or I don't have time putting the things together. And maybe that's the problem. What happened to making time?  So, lately I decided it was going to be handmade. Yep, make time to draw on gift wraps. You maybe asking - who has that kind of time? I have kids or I work all day, or it's just not me... the list of excuses can go on and on... But think of this way, it's a meditation - a zen moment for yourself! You heard me - it's a moment to focus on yourself and all because of drawing, doodling, sketching, watercoloring and so forth. You see, when I draw, I tend to zone out or as I like to call it - "Zen Out." But it's more than that. It's putting that love and good energy to the gift that you are passing on. Give it a try! People will be ooohing and ahhhing at your work!

Some examples:

• If I don't have time, that's ok. I doodle on a small portion and pair it up with one of my Instagram photos that I had it printed through - Origrami. Loved them.

• I tend to use brown paper from mailing boxes. I don't care if it's wrinkled. It adds to the personal touch.

• I found dried leaves on the ground one day. It was perfect for my gold sharpie pen and I used it as decorative purpose for the wrap. Substitute the bow.

• Lately coffee filters have been a choice to draw on. But it also serves well as a gift wrap. Just remember to have small items.

• Choose your poison: black sharpie pens, watercolor, crayons...

• Find things around the house that you no longer need but it will be cool to use to wrap your gifts. Old ticket stubs, lace, a magazine cut-out...

• Brown paper bags, tissue papers, and paper that you normally get from the mail - it's perfect!

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