Strawberries and other delights

Happy Friday Ya'll. I hope your weekend is full of Sunshine wherever you are!

Here are some songs to Quiet the mind. Enjoy!

Creating Artworks On Coffee Cups

A coffee cup for some reason is a perfect canvas to draw and I enjoy creating cool Illustrations. I also think it's a shame that we get to throw things so quickly without thinking if there's any different way to use the item when we are done with it. In this case, of course. Beside creating a fun artwork - I used the cup to hold my pens and brushes.

Via: #instapozart


When Life gives you lemons or any fruit, paint them!

Everything is a blank canvas, even what we eat can be used to create great artworks. But in my case I just couldn't resist painting the lemon and the banana. What can I say, it was fun.


Watercolor Rosa Pillow on HauteLook Website

Yay! My Watercolor Rosa Pillow is being sold at the HauteLook Website owned by Nordstrom. Pretty cool! I also have tons of other designs that you can purchase for your New Summer Look. Check them out!

HauteLook Website:

Watercolor Rosa Pillow:

Other Designs:

Took a break and now I am back

It's been a while since I've posted to the blog. But I've been posting like CRAZY on Instagram. It just seems easier to post things from the phone, but with blogging - it takes more time.

I have two Instagram pages going on:

1/ The first one has my artworks (@instapozart)

2/ The second is more about photography (@darocha_julia) Photos from Florida, on travel and once in a while artworks as well.

Have a wonderful Friday!