Creating Artworks On Coffee Cups

A coffee cup for some reason is a perfect canvas to draw and I enjoy creating cool Illustrations. I also think it's a shame that we get to throw things so quickly without thinking if there's any different way to use the item when we are done with it. In this case, of course. Beside creating a fun artwork - I used the cup to hold my pens and brushes.

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Creating More Art For 2016

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It's that time of the year where we all think of a word that we would like to focus more  - some would say to improve, but for me it would be both. "Improve and focus" would be my choice of words for 2016. Improve my artistry and focus on myself  - physically and mentally. In other words, have an all-around balance to live a better life. I would add more words to the list but for now those are the top two. What's your top two for 2016?

Playing with colors

Pinks, Blues and Greens. Playing with pears, dresses, flowers and feather patterns.

My Work Station

This is the spot where I create my artwork. In the kitchen. I wish I have an art studio to put all my art junk and not have to pack it up every time I'm finished because let's face it, an artist is never finished - but you work with what ya got and this spot ain't so bad. The large painting was done by me with recycled canvas.

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