Drawing Hamsa Hand and the Third Eye

When I draw, I go to this meditative zone and let the drawing, doodles - artworks come out of me. So I listen and what you see is the end results. They represent happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. (The hands btw are the outlines of my left hand - I like to give it a personal touch). Some of these artworks have been sold, but if you are interested in purchasing any of them, send me a message through here or my contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Small (5x5) is $20 and Large (10x10) is $40 plus shipping/handling. I wanted to make it affordable - good art doesn't have to be super expensive.

Watercolor Rosa Pillow on HauteLook Website

Yay! My Watercolor Rosa Pillow is being sold at the HauteLook Website owned by Nordstrom. Pretty cool! I also have tons of other designs that you can purchase for your New Summer Look. Check them out!

HauteLook Website:


Watercolor Rosa Pillow:


Other Designs:


Creating More Art For 2016

Pillows via: http://www.denydesigns.com/collections/artist/ar-julia-da-rocha


It's that time of the year where we all think of a word that we would like to focus more  - some would say to improve, but for me it would be both. "Improve and focus" would be my choice of words for 2016. Improve my artistry and focus on myself  - physically and mentally. In other words, have an all-around balance to live a better life. I would add more words to the list but for now those are the top two. What's your top two for 2016?


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