My name is Julia Da Rocha. I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Doodler and Storyteller living in the Sunshine State of Florida with my zen dog, Odie.


My work began as a hobby which on occasions led to creating artworks for friends and family.  After a luring competition calling on artists to create hundreds of doodles within a time-frame, I found my niche. My dreams also included: illustrating, writing and creating children’s books. To make my dreams a reality, I partnered up with my twin sister - Judith, who shares the same love. Our first book, "I Love the World Because…" received an honorable mention at the NY Book Festival in 2009.

My favorite tool of preference is a black sharpie pen. Black and white pieces are timeless and mixing digital art only adds to its perfection.


Books: http://www.jdarocha.com/

Artworks: http://society6.com/pozart

Photos: https://www.twenty20.com/instapozart/photos

Watches: http://modifywatches.com/collections/poz-art

Home Decor: http://www.denydesigns.com/collections/artist/ar-julia-da-rocha