Happy Valentine’s Day Heart Wallpaper: Free Download

So it’s Valentine…. What do we do on a special occasion? You know it, create some wallpaper to inspire the month of Love. Here are 6 designs to choose from and to download to your computer. For everyone out there – here’s to Love!

Poz-Art wallpaper – green

To download this image click on Poz-Art Green. Hope you love it!

Wallpaper Wednesday – Doodle Judy



This is probably my favorite wallpaper from the rest- maybe because this character was created  for my birthday.  Julia has decided to extend it to a wallpaper design and we thought it would be nice to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it. Visit Flickr for more designs.

Possible Dreams International


Possible Dreams International, Inc. is a non profit organization who helps those in need throughout the world.

We were fortunate to learn about this amazing organization filled with compassion and determination to help others.  To read about their journey and accomplishments go to http://possibledreamsinternational.org/ . To use this free wallpaper click PDI.

Wallpaper Inventory!

all1Here is all the wallpaper we have this far. Julia is working on creating new and exciting paper for you. Visit Flickr to download any of these for free.

Wallpaper Wednesday is back!

shell-310x210This is the latest and greatest of an array of wallpaper for your computer. Visit Flickr for more options! We hope you enjoy the different designs Julia has created for you.

New Wallpaper!

owl-210-x-310Hello everyone, it’s been a while but here we are again. This is another great design by Julia for your computer. If you would like to see more visit Flickr to download free wallpaper.

Let us know what you think! We appreciate your feedback.

Wallpaper Wednesday “Armstrong”

armstrong-310x210Hello everyone! Julia has done it again; she’s created this fabulous wallpaper for you. If you would like to see more of her work visit flickr.  We hope you love these designs and if you have comments, let us know.

Wallpaper Wednesday “Orange”

orange210x3101Here is your new wallpaper to enjoy! Julia continues to create her designs for your computer. Remember to visit Flickr for more selections!

Wallpaper Wednesday

wallpaper_letter_310x210Julia has given us Wallpaper Wednesday for us to enjoy. I’ve decided to change my screen every week. It’s exciting and refreshing to have new colors and designs to view. Visit flikr to download any of her numerous wallpaper available for free.

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