Happy Halloween!

Sneek Peek of Iggy the Farm Animals and the Thief!

We are close to the completion of Iggy the Farm Animals and the Thief, the sequel to Iggy the Owl and the Blue Tree. For me it’s always a little sad to finish a project. I think about the characters and work on the illustrations everyday. And when it reaches the end I need to close the sketchbook and move on. But, the best part of it all and what out weighs the sadness is that we get to share this project with all of you. 

This story was so much fun to create.  It’s a tale about Iggy finding a thief in his very own home! But, will he find him? And if he does, what will he do then?

Here is a preview of one of my favorite scenes of the story. Here Iggy confronts the rat and accuses him of being the thief.

We are shooting to have this book out by the end of August…so stay tune and we hope you will enjoy it! 


The Return of Iggy!

Here is a sneak preview of the sequel to Iggy, the Owl and the Blue Tree. More to come…

Instagraming At The Museum

So I took my phone out and captured some lovely artwork. You can view my photos on http://instagram.com/instapozart#

That’s me with my faithful Dogs ;) Enjoy!


Instagram update: Odie, Florida, Beach, Picasso and a walking stick

Well, if you haven’t checked it out yet, then you should! When I go on walks – I try to take photos and lucky enough – Instagram has been my fave! So here’s an update on my walks, my 2 dogs – Picasso (holding the stick) and Odie barely peaking  on top of the table. If your on Instagram – start following us!




Download iPhone Wallpaper

Download these cheery designs to your phone. Enjoy!


The Failure Club

I am currently watching a series on yahoo called “The Failure Club”. It’s about a group of Individuals who are trying to overcome their fear and pursue their dream in a year span.

Morgan Spurlock ( ‘Super Size Me’ and ’30 Days’) brings this incredible series to life on Yahoo.

I have to say – it’s inspiring to watch other people’s journey and of course who doesn’t have struggles? The number one question – if you have the chance to pursue a dream and know that you will not fail – what would it be? What is it that’s stopping you to making it happen? What is that one thing you would do to change your life?

I encourage you to watch these videos. Fantastic show!

Click here to watch the episodes online: http://screen.yahoo.com/lifestyle/failure-club/



Poz-Art featured in One Kings Lane!

Congratulations to my sister Julia for her wacky designs! She has done it again, now featured in One Kings Lane growing strong. We are grateful for the support we have received and continue to receive today from our family and friends. Since we’ve launched this site 3 years ago we have had our share of trials and errors but in both cases learned from them.  This is another reminder for us to always push forward. To always Do Art!



Where Does Inspiration Come From?

It’s amazing where inspiration comes from when you don’t expect it. My sister and I have been creating children’s book for the past few years and it always amaze me how these stories come to life. Yesterday, on our way home from work, Julia narrates her notes for the next children’s book. I couldn’t believe she had the entire story laid out so I asked her what made you think of it. Her answer to me was, I saw a picture of a robot. That was it! She was inspired by a picture she did not look for but stumbled upon. Our advice for those of you who look to find inspiration is, don’t be discourage when you are stumped – step outside of your routine and you will find it! Stay tune for our next book! We don’t have the title yet but that doesn’t matter, we have the story!

Trying New Things


For the past year, or so, we’ve been working on a new kids site. My sister, Julia and I (Judith) teamed up with a couple of crazy smart friends to built this wonderful kids site to bring cool books and other learning materials to your home. We’ve learned really quickly this isn’t any easy task. It’s been crazy for the past few months trying to balance our day jobs and family times while creating and self publishing our books. All I can ask is bare with us, it’s going to be amazing!

Today’s task is to figure out the animation for our mini video. Any tips? I’ve been watching tutorials online on how to create animation with Photoshop. It is the coolest thing!

By the way, this is me (at work during my lunch break) pretending to know what I’m doing~




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